Haunted Mansion

I am getting ready for Halloween.  My new Aiden Style white frame from Chalk Couture has been decorated for Halloween with a Haunted House.  Love it!!!  Once Halloween is over, I will wash off the Haunted House and create a new art piece for Thanksgiving and then reuse the frame once again for Christmas and so on and so on.  I love having one piece that I can recreate over and over again depending on the season.  Chalk Couture makes creating easy and I love being able to display my art in my home for everyone to enjoy.


Haunted Mansion.jpg

Journey Video #3 - Creating a Website

Hi Everyone, After a brief break while visiting family and friends in Kansas, I am back working on my journey to break free from Corporate America doing what I love the most . . . creating!  See the next video in my journey series - Creating a website!